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Sevans Martinez loves short form improv! From performing it, directing it and teaching it, "yes, & ..." rules this lady's life. Her favorite job is helping corporations and schools learn team building and trust through games and playing! When she founded Say What? NYC, NYC found a new favorite improv. When not teaching, Sevans can be found behind a microphone recording voiceover work, or on film sets and stages. She is a quadruple threat & a caring mentor. Insta:@SevansIsTheBest @SevansMartine

Jeremiah Jurkiewicz

Jeremiah Jurkiewicz College staff by day, ridonkulous improv host by night! Jeremiah loves being one of the main hosts for Say What? NYC because he loves making people feel welcome and hyping up his fam. He considers his fellow improvers his family and always has a blast with them! He hopes to chuckle with you soon! Insta:@JerJurk

Alexis Di Gregorio

Alexis Di Gregorio is an Actor/Writer living in Manhattan. Alexis has had a successful start to 2020, selling a show concept to a streaming service, and booking a voice over gig for DiGiorno. When she's not improving with SayWhat, you can find her writing comedic songs and shorts with her production company, Dig a Coin Productions, or working as an Consultant with Arbonne. She's ya girl for all things funny, and gives really great hugs. Insta:@Alexis_Anned @Alexisadig

Ali Sattar

Ali Sattar is a classically trained NYC based actor and comedian. He has performed with Say What NYC for over 5 years and continues to work on stage as well as on film. Ali is also using his talents and love for video games to reach new audiences on twitch, a streaming platform that brings communities together under common interests. Insta:@ali_the_nyc_actor

Danielle Hernandez

Danielle Hernandez is a longtime member of Say What? NYC! As a comedy lover, she has done Stand Up at The Broadway Comedy Club and gobbles up sketch comedy. Danielle's Youtube is @IAmAZygote where she hosts a Dreamtime Vlog exploring symbolism. Danielle will be performing her One Hour Special - Danielle XX - at the United Solo Theatre Festival in NYC, September 24, 2020. The world is swirling with change at the moment, and we must all be prepared to change with it. Insta:@The_DanielleXX

Samantha Berges

Samantha Berges was born on a warm June night in a small town called New Jersey. She graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Communications, specializing in television and film production. She then moved to Manhattan to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and pursue her passion for musical theater and comedy. Lately, she works behind the scenes doing some TV production while trying to fit in as much improv and singing on stage as she can! Insta:@samanthaleebeeS

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt

Meaghan Bloom Fluitt-Tall girl in the big city. Born in Florida and now living in Queens, Meaghan graduated with a BA in performing arts from Sarah Lawrence College and studied abroad at the British American Drama Academy in London. Her works include the Smoking Section, ShadowBox Theatre’s: African Drum, The Storm Theatre’s: As You Like It, Gorilla Rep’s Joan of Arc, and Is There Room In Your Heart? at Teatro LATEA Insta:@meaghanbloom

Joseph Hershkowitz

Joseph is honored to be a part of the Say What? Improv Group. From a young age, I was an incurable smart ass. One of the first things I did when I turned sixteen was annoy the Marine Sergeant that called from the Selective Service. He did call me a comedian, but I got the impression he did not say it with love in his heart. Favorite Quotes now: "Humor is reason gone mad." - Groucho Marx "Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted." - Groucho Marx

Jesus E. Martinez

Jesus-stage and voice actor who hails from NYC, he received his BA at SUNY Purchase College and is an original member of Say What? NYC Comedy Improv. He is also an ensemble member of the renowned theatre companies Pregones Theatre, Teatro SEA and Spanish Repertory Theatre. He appeared in staged productions of: Kiss My Aztec; The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao; Sueño: A Latino Take of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's; In the Name of Salome; and Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliette. Insta:@mrtnz1393

Featured Alumni

Kendall Ketchum
Sarah Bishop
Kevin Voss
Tara James
Mac Welch
Jackie Herbach
Mike McNulty
Emily O'Connor
James Edward Becton

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