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Does your company need entertainment? Or a group building exercise? Do you have a private party that you would like to make unique? Then you have come to the right group.


Our shows and workshops vary in length and performer numbers to accommodate your personal needs. We do a minimum 30-minute show, but can easily accommodate up to an eight-hour workshop. We can come to your space or travel to wherever you book.

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For a full list of pricing please click on our press kit at the bottom of the page.

College Shows/Workshops


Comedy Improv is a fun and different activity you can bring to your campus! We'll take any zany suggestions your students throw at us and run with it. We can even have them join us for a little fun! Workshops are a great way to show students how improv can be applied to the classroom and their future careers. We love collaborating with student organizations and catering the show to their needs. Whether you want a hilarious improv show or a fun and instructor workshop we are here to make your event a fantastic one!

Corporate Shows/Private Gatherings


Are you looking to stand out? Our brand of entertainment is unusual and inventive. We always have fun on stage, and that translates to an engaging show for you: the audience. We can perform at private gatherings, sweet sixteen parties, corporate get-togethers, and private venues. You determine what type of content we should work with (or not work with). 

Team Building Workshops


What better way to bring your team together than by teaching them a useful skill? Improv can go so much further than the stage! We teach games that train your company personnel to think outside the usual box and to go with their gut. Learning tricks and guidelines to successfully maneuver the corporate world is a gift. Give your employees a fun experience while teaching them to be original, imaginative, innovative and resourceful.


We have workshops ranging from 1-8 hours based on your needs. Contact us today!

Bachelor/ette Parties

Our audience determines our shows! Your suggestions take us on our adventure every time. While we try at almost all other times to do our show clean, without a huge amount of sexual content or vulgarity, when it's time for your bachelor/ette party we will let loose!

Our show goes where you suggest it to go. From prim and proper, to down in the dirt. Also, have a friend you'd love to see on stage? Blackmail pictures could be in the making! Definitely rated-R, though no clothing will be removed.

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We can't wait to make you laugh!

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